Found the Pen to end the Hunt for Louis Vuitton!

I am so Happy!! Louis Vuitton went with a chic design on their Agenda adding a very very small pen hole on the side....Little did we all know finding a pen to fit this tiny hold is SO Damn Hard!!!
Well LV have now designed a pen to fit, it is small and gold and has beautiful engraving on it, I ended up not getting my hands on that particular one in HK. Instead My Mum told me her Kikki K brand pen would fit and that I should try it, well DING!!!
Here they are! I ended up get two! One in white very chic and natural and the other in a blue, turquoise kinda Tiffany blue.
Here is the site to Kikki K hopefully they deliver to your country!
Good Luck Hope this was helpful!

I wish all my Youtube views and subscribers and all the support I get out there an Amazing 2012


For Louis Lovers!!


Ohhh La La I'm in Love with my new Buys from the one and only Louis Vuitton.

-Toiletries Bag 25
-Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Small Ring Agenda
-Ellipse Damier Ebene belt

The best thing was that I had a ball, I did not set out to grab a belt and now I wear it day in & out.
The Agenda fits so snug in my purse and I love the Azur print even if it is a little high maintenance.
The best Tip I have for Louis Lovers is research and be confident that you will use the item to its fullest. Always appreciate amazing craftsmanship!


New Camera Love!!

So excited, garbed the Canon Power Shot SX30 IS Yesterday and havent put it down..

I was in need of a good point and shoot of all the Product work I need to do for the full buy online
to come...SO here it is!! a few cute pic's around the house today


Jerusha Couture TV