Found the Pen to end the Hunt for Louis Vuitton!

I am so Happy!! Louis Vuitton went with a chic design on their Agenda adding a very very small pen hole on the side....Little did we all know finding a pen to fit this tiny hold is SO Damn Hard!!!
Well LV have now designed a pen to fit, it is small and gold and has beautiful engraving on it, I ended up not getting my hands on that particular one in HK. Instead My Mum told me her Kikki K brand pen would fit and that I should try it, well DING!!!
Here they are! I ended up get two! One in white very chic and natural and the other in a blue, turquoise kinda Tiffany blue.
Here is the site to Kikki K hopefully they deliver to your country!
Good Luck Hope this was helpful!

I wish all my Youtube views and subscribers and all the support I get out there an Amazing 2012

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  1. Thanks for that... I just got my agenda and would like to get the pen also... I see different pens on the websites.. Do you know wish one in particular to order or they are all the same sizes.. PS: I know I am super late to comment on this blog but you are my new fave... I have been binge watching you on YouTube and about to "binge read" your blogs... Don't worry I am not a stalker lol I just really appreciate you and your videos...