The Speedy & The Blog

I have decided I'm going to blog more! I do like it, I know I said that in an earlier post but I have worked out my direction you see.....

I started all this shananigans by reviewing luxury handbags on YouTube and well I think I want to dedicate this blog to all things Bags/ Handbag/ Small leather goods/Luxury and most of all selling #JerushaCouture items.

Today I headed back to my old stomping ground in the city, Sydney city that is.
 I am super happy cause I'm carrying my beloved Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in monogram.

I am wearing
Tee from TEMPT www.temt.com.au
Skinny jeans in light denim from Just Jeans www.justjeans.com.au
Heels from ZU www.zushoe.com.au
Speed 30 Monogram www.louisvuitton.com
Celine Sunglasses www.celine.com/en
Gold Watch Guess shop.guess.net.au
Gold Cleo Bracelet Ell and Emm www.ellandemm.com


From my garden to my heart

I was contemplating getting "faux" Hydrangeas from #Alfrescoemporium a month ago.. But for some reason I stopped myself it was not for the fact that they are "faux" (do you like my air quotation marks? I'm doing them as I write) cause may I add they're very very beautiful and incredibly real looking but Bloody expensive!!! $20.95 for 1 stem Hell No!
So lucky I waited cause right outside our bedroom window (the one I sit in front of to film my youtube videos) 4 hydraing bushes are flourishing!!! Seeee


Call me Crazy!!

Ok, ok it's true this is a picture of my new Small Wallet from Chanel on my bedside while I sleep...crazy? I guess so, but hey! I love it. If your looking for a small wallet trust me this is the go. 
Some people on Instagram wanted the item number: A31504Y06500C3906 Small Leather Good 19765264  
-Small Wallet
-Black Caviar Leather 
-Silver Harware 
-price HKD$4800 =AUD$670

I love this Wallet/card holder and I can't wait to show you my Reaveal with it!!! 



It's time to BLOG!!!

So I'm not the best blogger on here, matter a fact I actually suck.... I really like how easy it is to just put up pics on Instagram and well I gotta try harder! 

I'v been mentored by an Amazing colleuge of mine to really try harder as blogging is such a great way to chit chat and show you what's going on. So here I am! 

As well as showing you what's new on my 'Blog Store' I'll pop in more blogs as well, promise😊 and if I slack off you can call me up on it!





Jerusha's Blog Sale

If you would like to Purchase or make a best offer 
on one of these items, please Email me directly at 
WORLDWIDE SHIPPING all shipping included in price.

Let the blog sale begin! As you have seen on Instagram these are the items up for sale. 
I have decided to move these pieces onto new homes so they get better use. 
I have videos on some of these LV and Gucci items so you can see in motion if you like. 

I have listed the amounts and details above each item all these prices include the Shipping, which can cost (anywhere from$20-$80) so that is pretty good! 
on top of the fact these where my items DING! and have been So So loved, I am including as much Louis Vuitton & Gucci extras as I can.

All sales are final and payment is done via Pay Pal in Australian Dollars.
So please review all picture very carefully, No refund or exchanges, as I am not a store.

 I will need your pay pal address to invoice you the amount after payment
 is received and cleared I will then 
ship the item off to you. This will be full Tracking International Mail it will need a signature of the buyer only on delivery and must be at the address on your pay pal account only so 
make sure your pay pal shipping address is where you want it to go to. 

 I am shipping international but please be aware it may take longer to arrive and I am not responsible for your import taxes, however I will state Gift on the customs form to help.

Please be aware that ALL items are 100% Authentic.

 The Louis Vuitton bags were Pre-loved from consignment stores so they do not come with proof of purchase 
but I have tried to included other things for you i.e. shopping bag dust bag. 

Happy Shopping 


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