The Speedy & The Blog

I have decided I'm going to blog more! I do like it, I know I said that in an earlier post but I have worked out my direction you see.....

I started all this shananigans by reviewing luxury handbags on YouTube and well I think I want to dedicate this blog to all things Bags/ Handbag/ Small leather goods/Luxury and most of all selling #JerushaCouture items.

Today I headed back to my old stomping ground in the city, Sydney city that is.
 I am super happy cause I'm carrying my beloved Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in monogram.

I am wearing
Tee from TEMPT www.temt.com.au
Skinny jeans in light denim from Just Jeans www.justjeans.com.au
Heels from ZU www.zushoe.com.au
Speed 30 Monogram www.louisvuitton.com
Celine Sunglasses www.celine.com/en
Gold Watch Guess shop.guess.net.au
Gold Cleo Bracelet Ell and Emm www.ellandemm.com


From my garden to my heart

I was contemplating getting "faux" Hydrangeas from #Alfrescoemporium a month ago.. But for some reason I stopped myself it was not for the fact that they are "faux" (do you like my air quotation marks? I'm doing them as I write) cause may I add they're very very beautiful and incredibly real looking but Bloody expensive!!! $20.95 for 1 stem Hell No!
So lucky I waited cause right outside our bedroom window (the one I sit in front of to film my youtube videos) 4 hydraing bushes are flourishing!!! Seeee


Call me Crazy!!

Ok, ok it's true this is a picture of my new Small Wallet from Chanel on my bedside while I sleep...crazy? I guess so, but hey! I love it. If your looking for a small wallet trust me this is the go. 
Some people on Instagram wanted the item number: A31504Y06500C3906 Small Leather Good 19765264  
-Small Wallet
-Black Caviar Leather 
-Silver Harware 
-price HKD$4800 =AUD$670

I love this Wallet/card holder and I can't wait to show you my Reaveal with it!!! 


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